On 15th November 2015 I delivered a talk entitled ‘Cricket, Class and Culture: Assessing the Game in England’ at Harlaxton College in Lincolnshire, which is the study abroad campus of the University of Evansville. The audience was a fascinating mix of American students who knew only a small amount about cricket, historians, a group of University of Lincoln students, local villagers and a couple of MCC members. The event was followed by a drinks reception which then moved to the student bar where we participated in a pub quiz!

The talk’s aim was to simultaneously provide an historical overview of the sport (for those less familiar with its origins), while also offering occasional comments on cricket’s interaction with class and empire (to keep the more familiar interested). I concluded the talk by pondering the sport’s decline in recent years and asked whether a re-imagining of leisure and work in the twenty-first century may help to revive the game.

Many thanks to Bianca Leggett for inviting me to Harlaxton and I have now, finally, posted the slides on Figshare (see below).

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