After a rather demanding few months, myself and my colleague, David Walters, have now emerged out of the other side of our mini-conference tour.  We visited both the RLUK and UKSG conferences and made use of a number of different formats to present our preliminary research findings on the collisions between organically emerging open practices and institutional systems which focus narrowly on capturing funder compliance.

RLUK Pecha Kucha Presentation

Presented at the British Library on 9th March 2017, we were asked to deliver in the PechaKucha style, which would mean 20 slides timed at 20 seconds each. You can watch the video below, I am speaking first whilst David tackles the second half. It was really tough to organise – it took us three days of rehearsals to get the timings right – but we enjoyed it once we were up on stage.

UKSG Lightning Talk

Similar to the RLUK presentation, our talk at UKSG17 on 10th April 2017 was limited to seven minutes, but on this occasion we were free to determine the number of slides used. As we were the last talk of the day (5.20pm!), David suggested we make our slides both informative and entertaining by embedding GIFs using Microsoft Sway. We thought they provided some enjoyable moments whilst also helping to communicate our overall message on the current problems in managing the open access policy stack. You can see the talk below, David kicks things off this time.

UKSG Poster Presentation

Accompanying our lightning talk we were also asked to provide a poster presentation which was displayed in the exhibitors hall. This was a fantastic idea by the organisers as it resulted in us meeting lots of interesting people working in the same or similar fields. We also received some very constructive feedback on our research, which will be valuable as we consider submitting our findings to journals. The poster is displayed below.